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Victor Newlove, Partner

Victor joined Armet Davis Architects in 1963 and became partner in 1972. He is a licensed architect in the State of California and in fourteen other states. He has been the architect of record on over 2,000 public and private sector architectural projects. Victor is well versed on the specific design, site and cost issues involved with restaurant construction in Southern California and throughout the nation. His extensive background makes him an invaluable asset to the timely completion of all construction phases.

Victor has dedicated 40 years to planning and architectural design. He maintains a clear understanding of project's needs and budget requirements, and assembles information from every applicable resource and discipline, including expert consultants, in order to complete each project to the client's wishes.

He has been a Master Commissioner on the State Board of Architectural Examiners since 1980. In this capacity, he conducts oral architectural licensure exams for the State Board and has participated in writing the California oral exam test questions.

Victor has also been hired by various firms as a consultant to analyze business problems related to physical plants. (i.e. - Marriott Corp. – How the Public Perceives Its Image.) Victor has the specific project experience, qualities, and education which are all essential to guiding restaurant projects to timely completion within budget.

John Dodson, Partner

John Dodson joined Armet, Davis, Newlove Architects in 1993, while he was in his final year at USC. He became a partner in the firm in 2004. He is currently managing a variety of restaurant projects in California and other states. He works on all aspects of project from pre-design issues thru life cycle costs of project after its completion. He is a licensed Architect in California as well as four other states. He serves as a commissioner for the California State Board of Architectural Examiners.

In addition to his design and project management experience, John has developed considerable expertise in local and State Building Codes, ADA compliance, and processing of Conditional Use Permits and other approvals from the various State and local governing agencies involved in firm's projects. In this role he is invaluable to our clients in obtaining approvals and permits for various restaurant projects.

Paul Deppe, Partner

Paul Deppe joined Armet, Davis, Newlove Architects in 1996 with over 10 years prior experience on a variety of large retail and other commercial projects in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Montana. He is a licensed Architect in the State of California.

He has continued with the firm as a Project Architect and became a partner in 2004. He has worked on a variety of restaurant projects in California and other states. Currently, Paul has been responsible for management of El Pollo Loco’s prototype developments and expansion of restaurants throughout California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Washington and Oregon. He is also working as a coordinator with East Coast franchise expansion.

He has extensive knowledge in local and state building codes, ADA compliance, permitting, and has particular expertise in the coordination and administration of a variety of projects. Further, he is proficient in CAD management and development of CAD working drawings.

Tom Fitzpatrick, Project Manager

Tom Fitzpatrick joined Armet, Davis, Newlove Architects in 2007 with over ten years of prior construction and project management experience. He has extensive knowledge in all facets of commercial construction from bidding to project completion. He has been able to maintain an excellent rapport with a wide variety of trades working under his management. He has extensive experience working closely with city officials and clients to be certain the projects he supervises are completed on time and to their satisfaction. His educational training, extensive work experience, and outgoing personality are an invaluable asset to the firm.