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The Leisure Architecture of Wayne McAllister
Chris Nichols

is a collection of images and descriptions of commercial architect Wayne McAllister. McAllister was known for his "Googie" style of design and Armet Davis designers experimented with many of the same design themes. The firm, and designers Louis Armet and Eldon Davis are mentioned in the book and Mr. Nichols refers to Armet Davis Newlove as, "...the undisputed kings of the California coffee shop of the 1950's..."


Googie, Fifties Coffee Shop Architecture
Alan Hess

In this book, Alan Hess chronicles the futuristic designs of Googie style architecture in Southern California. After the second World War, architects experimented with futuristic designs involving cantilevered roofs, metal-framed angular designs and the use of natural stone and landscaping integrated into new buildings. At the time, small restaurant owners were willing to take a chance with this new style of design and today many elements of Googie style are incorporated into modern design. This book chronicles the Googie style of architecture and Armet Davis Newlove designs are featured throughout.


Googie Redux
Alan Hess

Following the success of his Googie book above, Alan Hess revised and updated the book with newly found photos and a more thorough tour of the architecture that made Googie such a unique and influential design. As with the book above, the work of Armet Davis Newlove Architects is featured throughout. The book is a great gift for anyone interested in architecture or Souther California nostalgia. It is still sold in paperback form at Amazon.