Since 1947, Armet Davis Newlove Architects has been providing exceptional, award winning architectural, interior design and engineering services. Early in our practice, Armet Davis Newlove Architects became internationally known for innovative restaurant and coffee shop designs - over 4,000 of which have been built from our plans and specifications in the United States and abroad. The firm has completed thousands of food service projects including: fast food and full service restaurants, commercial kitchens, commissaries, cafeterias, mess halls, take out bars, snack kiosks and juice stores. Our firm has the expertise and experience to lay out efficient kitchens and preparation areas as well as maximize square footage for customer seating and proper circulation throughout a property.

For the life of the firm we are also proud to have worked closely with the Los Angeles Archdiocese on hundreds of architectural and engineering projects ranging from small 400 square foot restroom renovations to 30,000 square foot new sanctuaries. Our firm provides a full range of services from small disabled access compliance upgrades to full master planning. Our work with religious organizations continues strong today and at any given time we have several religious projects in development or under construction.

For the past two decades Armet Davis Newlove has steadily increased the number of retail projects we have engaged. From vanilla shell preparation, retail renovation and image upgrades to complete demolition and rebuilding of existing centers, we offer all services necessary to get retail projects completed in a timely manner and on budget. More recently we have been involved with ADA upgrades triggered by public agencies or as a result of civil action.

On all jobs, we work closely with cities and counties to ensure that projects are pushed through as quickly as possible and all entitlements are handled at the time of plan check so no unexpected delays are encountered later in the project. As it is impossible to predict every requirement that may arise during a project, it is the responsibility of the firm’s Partners to leverage our 60 plus years of experience to ensure an agreeable solution to any unexpected problem that may arise. Armet Davis Newlove Architects maintains constant contact with the client and consultants throughout all phases of every project. Our project managers keep abreast of site conditions, budgetary parameters, the project's scope and size, and the unique design requests by the client as well as those required by the various governing agencies.

It is our utmost priority that all client's interests and wishes are fully represented and that projects are completed on time and within budget.